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New R-Core and O-Core Transformers for sale


2008-12-12 5:59 am
Hello Together

I'm selling some of my stocked high quality R-Core and O-Core transformers because I really don't need them all.

They are new and are made for audio use

Shipping depends on your location. I will only charge the real shipping cost, no extra costs are added.

Payment via PayPal (add 4%) or bank transfer with IBAN and BIC.

If you are interested, please write me a PM with the transformers you want and your location.

Primary Voltage is always 230 Volt

The first number means the quantity I have in stock, the price is for one unit.

Quantity/Type/Sec. Voltage/Power Rating/Price per unit

14 R-80 15-0-15 80VA 15 Euro
7 R-20 7-0-7 20VA 12 Euro
3 R-30 2 x 0-7 30VA 12 Euro
4 R-35 0-15 50VA 12 Euro
6 OA-200 45-0-45 200VA 35 Euro
8 OA-200 42-0-42 200VA 35 Euro
1 OA-400 2 x 0-36 400VA 55 Euro
1 OA-300 1. 33-0-33(260VA)
2. 36-0-36(40VA) 300VA 45 Euro
1 R-1500 0-220 1500VA 150 Euro

Here are some pictures of the transformers:

Picasa Web Albums - Mister Blister - Trafos

Please take a look at my other post where I'm selling Black Gate capacitors.

Kind Regards