New Psone Project #2

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Just getting started on my second PSone Projector. If you start to get tired of seeing them let me know. I promise not to get upset.:bawling:

Anyhow, this is an exploded view of my project. I'm getting started tonight. Thanks for all your support.


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Dissident75, your good! Yeah that's the one and it's great, You know the colors are wonderful. Surplus Shed it awesome. Those people really know how to care for their customers. I bought three of these lenses from them and they're flawless. Also, check out their fs mirrors for this project. As far as a mounting system, my holes are cut really close - so they stay put pretty well. I move the lcd screen back and forth for the desired range of focus. I only move the Projection lense for fine focus.
Wow, that looks great!

You should try another projector with something higher res but still small size to work with the copy lens, like a 7" lilliput. The brightness/focus looks GREAT as it is though, the lack of resolution just kinda kills the excellent tuning/results.
You know, you've built 2 of these projectors in the time it's taken me to not finish mine :D . It's great to see your work because you are using the same ideas and equiptment (apart from the lcd) that i am. Maybe this kind of projector will start a trend in diy using these little bulbs as opposed to the metal hallides, your results speak for them selves.

I must say I"m impressed with the work. On the inside angles, they look more acute than the standard 90 degree, how'd you work that out? Trial and error or did you actually have some calculations you used?
I am diffinately a trial and error kind of guy. All my angles are done with rulers and an exactly square small piece of paper. The light is Halogen 360w 82v from OHP. Not as cheap as Metal Halide (long run).
The bulbs are anywhere from $5 to $20 for 75hrs. Your paying roughly $.30 an hr.

Price List Break Down: Rough

MDF board - Home Depot- 5/8" and 1/2" = $15 (have them make as many cuts as possible for you - don't let them say no)

Fuji Copy lens - Suplus Shed - Item No: L3334 = $7.50

Front Surface Mirror - Surplus Shed - 7-5/8" x 3" - Item No: L2094 = 2 for $5

Lighting System - OHP - Pawn Shop/fleamarket - Light and fresnel = $20 to $50

Filtered Fan Guards - Surplus Shed - Item No: M2259 = $.50 to $5

AC Fan - Altex/Surplus Shed/Radio Shack = $15 to $25

Plain Mirror - Walmart - Automotive - $2.50

Misc Hardware - screws/L-brackets/wood glue/flat black paint - Home Depot = $15

Misc Electronics - Power Connects and such - Radio Shack/Surplus Shed = $15

Psone Screen - Ebay/Pawn Shop/GameStop = $40 to $60

My total cost was about $160

Playing Multiplayer Xbox Halo2 on two 60" screens with my sons = Priceless:D
There's also the enx-5 bulb. essentially the same bulb but the long life version. IT's rated at 150 hours, and at 6.75 a pop it works out to .045 cents and hour.

My thought is since the bulbs are so cheap, you can buy several to stock up and if something goes wrong you can swap quickly. I've also spoken to a guy that claims to have pulled something along the lines of 400 hours on a regular enx lamp by using a dimmer switch and running it down to the lowest voltage before turning it off in an effort to aneal the bulb and lengthen life.

Actually he claims 450hrs. The price per hour suddenly drops to .015 cents. Sounds like a bargain to me. Not as cheap as mh at .0025 but still not bad and not heartwrenching if you break the bulb while testing.
I'll try and take some of those shots for you. In the meantime, have you played with the two contrast buttons on the Controlboard. Taking the contrast to either end of the extreme makes a big difference. By defult, I believe, the contrast is always set very dark on my boards. I been putting the bar in the middle and been quite happy. - Alex
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