New Project

So in between projects, I have been planning a project for a friend of mine. This will be used for HT and/or music (he isn't sure yet).

However, a Adire Audio Extremis 6.8. Looks extremly interesting for 100 dollars. Reach quite low, with a lot of x-max but an extremly low inductance, tied to a Dayton RS tweeter with a 4th order xover (passive or active TBD).

The extremis will be in a 50 liter sealed box, with an active Linkwitz transform since I did some modelling and found that this has a lot of extra x-max that wasn't being used.

This is primarily for music so that group delay will be low, and bass will be clean and smooth. For HT use he'd be using a subwoofer x-overed at 80 or so, so it shouldn't be a big concern for that.

Does this look like a good all around project for 150 a side, and what are the thoughts about the extremis.