NEW project with 5" LCD

NEW project with 5" LCD

hi i wanna do my first project with a 5" LCD that i have froma portable TV with resolution of 960x262 pixel.

I have seen many good projects here...and the most are for 15" LCD.

i have also a fresnel len plexiglass that enlarge the image and a 150 W lamp.

I have the LCD screen , many part of woods... the fresnel len...i need the triplet lens or other lens and a fresnel len for my first project.

I am in italy.

Can someone give me some address for buying the parts that i have no with me ?!?!
Can someone help me to make a project with the distance for the parts ?!?!!?
Someone who have realize a small projector can help me ?!?!?!

anybody can help me ?!?!?!
if i buy the lens kit from :

that Including:

- high-value Vario-Focus objective
The lens has an adjustable focal length of 285-330 mm. The same lens is used by 3M in the upper class of the overhead projectors (from EUR 1000.-). Settles colour errors (chromatic abberation) and makes the housing clearly smaller (no more telescope construction necessarily).
Light collecting aperture: 50 mm
Projection apperture: 40 mm

- special positive-positive fresnel lens
Size: 200x200 mm (for displays 5.6" until 8"), cutable. The fresnel lens has a fine facet spacing of 0.40 mm, spilt in stable acryl, for higher temperatures. The lens is obviously divisible into two single fresnel lenses, what leads also to a small light profit.
Focal lenghts:
+160 mm for first lens
+305 mm for second lens

- professional glass reflector (cold mirror)
Consists of glass and a fine aluminum layer on the inside. Very temperature steady.
Distance to HQI: 1.00 mm

- big glass condensor lens
The condensorlens has a large diameter of 90 mm, therefore also for larger light source relatedly (HQI). The convex lens has a very large retirement angle. Very temperature steady.
Focal length: +240 mm
Distance to HQI: 23.85 mm

This articles are tuned on each other.

Reflector + 1mm to HQI + 23.85mm to condensor + 136.15mm to fresnel + 285 to 330mm to objective

Can i make my 5" projector with this kit ?!?!!?
What are the distance from each parts ?!?!

In future if i wanna use a lcd screen of 10" or 12 " can i use the same components ?!?!?!

Please help me.
i am not an expert in projector

This articles are tuned on each other.

Reflector + 1mm to HQI + 23.85mm to condensor + 136.15mm to fresnel + 285 to 330mm to objective

I hade read my dubt was :

HQI | reflector | condensor | LCD + fresnel | objective
| +1mm | +23,85mm | +136,15mm | +285 to 330 mm

for a total of 491 mm max ?!?!?!?!

The distance expressed was form one component to the next component or the distance are all from the HQI ?!?!?
The distance was absolute or relative ?!?!?!

This is was i wanted to know in the last post. Thanks for any response.

This is my first projector.

This will be funcionally with a LCD 5" screen or it is too small ?!?!?!

i had read the forum and i like it !! but i had no understand if the measure are relative or absolute from the HQI...stop...that's the question.
I haven0t also understand if with the kit i have already buyed i can use my 5" LCD and my 15"LCD...only 5" ?? only 15"?? both ???

if you wanna reply because you know that answers thanks....if you don't know the answer don't simple... the post have a precise arguments.

I have read many docs ...but if i don't understand some things i'll ask to the forum....or do you think i'm glad for writing in the forum without a sense ?!?!?!


Ho have esperiences and can reply me is a good man !