New Portable Full Range project - My First

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After finding DIYaudio, the 1st thing that I did was set up a fully active 4 way system. Next projects were to build a few two way systems with crossovers. Next up I built a few subwoofers. There were other systems in between on my journey - an econowave, a Danley style unity/synergy system. Now I working on a small portable system that is essentially a full range and a separate small subwoofer (Dayton 6.5"?). The full range I decided to try is the new TB W5-2143. I built a small cube for it with a tapered front panel. I must say that I am impressed and find them very pleasurable. They are not that expensive and have good sensitivity. I would recommend these drivers! I am including a pic and an initial measurement.
Time to start the small subwoofer...... damn the obsession....


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I had them on a separate open framed stand (middle of the room) and measured at 1/2 meter. I used the Dayton Omni-mic system. I played around with the smoothing and interestingly the upper frequencies did not seem to change..... very smooth. Of course the lower frequencies are affected by the room. Since I am planning a small sub up to 180hz, I was not too worried about the lower frequencies.
When you say "a small sub up to 180", do you mean a single /mono unit? I think that's rather higher than you want to go to maintain channel separation - you could get some "interesting" image wandering

From what we can see on the photo that's tidy work on the little box for the W5
Here is my thinking; you are out a dinner party/get together, THERE IS NO MUSIC!.....admit it folks, this drives many of you as crazy as it makes me. I have a Lepai 2020A, small MP3 player, small sub and the two TB W5s. Easy to set up and decent sound for little effort.
Agree...great outdoor sound system with Lepai using the bass at 2-3 o'clock, but then I got discouraged when I brought them in and compared to any of my SCanSpeak two-way with 5-7 in. Drivers. They do perform very well as center channel. I ought to try them with a subwoofer such as my Sony 8 inch and add a ribbon tweet crossed high.

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