New Portable Full Range project - My First

After finding DIYaudio, the 1st thing that I did was set up a fully active 4 way system. Next projects were to build a few two way systems with crossovers. Next up I built a few subwoofers. There were other systems in between on my journey - an econowave, a Danley style unity/synergy system. Now I working on a small portable system that is essentially a full range and a separate small subwoofer (Dayton 6.5"?). The full range I decided to try is the new TB W5-2143. I built a small cube for it with a tapered front panel. I must say that I am impressed and find them very pleasurable. They are not that expensive and have good sensitivity. I would recommend these drivers! I am including a pic and an initial measurement.
Time to start the small subwoofer...... damn the obsession....


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I had them on a separate open framed stand (middle of the room) and measured at 1/2 meter. I used the Dayton Omni-mic system. I played around with the smoothing and interestingly the upper frequencies did not seem to change..... very smooth. Of course the lower frequencies are affected by the room. Since I am planning a small sub up to 180hz, I was not too worried about the lower frequencies.


2008-02-01 3:01 am
Agree...great outdoor sound system with Lepai using the bass at 2-3 o'clock, but then I got discouraged when I brought them in and compared to any of my SCanSpeak two-way with 5-7 in. Drivers. They do perform very well as center channel. I ought to try them with a subwoofer such as my Sony 8 inch and add a ribbon tweet crossed high.