New (old) bottlehead on this forum

Hello one and all! Just came across this forum and it looks pretty lively. I've been into audio since high school and one of my first jobs was with Pacific Stereo (remember them). I've gone full circle with amps, speakers, and have ended up squarely in the tube amp/ vintage speaker camp. I collect any tube gear I can find and have pretty much abandoned CD's in favor of vinyl. Why should I pay 15-18 bucks for crappy sound when I can buy vinyl all day long for a dollar apiece??
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a purist. As a matter of fact, I sell all the latest gear for a living, but nothing beats the satisfaction of cranking up a good old tube amp from the golden years of hi-fi and playing through vintage Altecs, EV's, or Jensen's!
I look forward to frequenting the forum and invite all fellow bottleheads to respond!