New Member. Where to post questions


2013-03-26 3:15 am
I've been a fan of music and good stereo equipment for about 30 years.
Built some of my own amplifiers and speakers. Have smelled my share of solder fumes and smoke from my mistakes.

I currently have a system that I am pretty much satisfied with but I'm going for perfection. I want to hear "exactly" what is on the recording and how it was meant to be heard.

My current system consists of an Adcom cd player, Adcom preamp with passive volume control, two Marchand Electronics 2 way active crossovers in parallel to produce a 3 way out, and 3 Adcom 5802 amplifiers. A tri amped system.

The Adcom cd player is in the shop as the drawer is not working.
Is it worthwhile to get fixed and what would be a better more contemporary step cd player?

I'm considering either adding an additional crossover to make it a four way.
Or, stepping up to a digital signal processor.

Also, my speakers are an WMTMW using Vifa 1"tweeter, Vifa 5" mid and Vifa 8" woofer. What benefit would there be to adding a 15" sub woofer.

Please let me know what are the appropriate Forums to post my questions separately.
Thanks in advance and look forward to your opinions and help.


2013-03-26 3:15 am

Thanks Cal for your response.

My perfect loudspeakers would be similar to the Dunlavy SC VI. 15" woofers on top and bottom of either speaker.
I'm thinking of adding the fourth active crossover so that the 15" woofers are not working in the same frequencies as my 8" woofers.
Separate phases and resistances. Also beam widths.

I know there's not alot of information down where the 15" woofers would operate but it would probably give more definition and size to bass drums and acoustic basses.

Thanks again for your help.