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I am going to start with the end and if you want to read the whose story just start after the dashes below.
After buying my first Veinna Acoustics Haydn 6OHM Speakers in 2002 for $600 and my RX-V3000 for $50 I found a Veinna Maestro Grand 4OHM for $800 new at Best Buy in 2007 then in 2009 a lack of HMDI really got me upset with the rx-v3000 so I bought the Pioneer Elite VSX-03TXH and quickly learned it was no high power unit like the Yamaha, Anyways my biggest buy comes in early 2011 when Best Buy dumps Vienna and over the course of weeks I watched the products like a hawk and kept badgering the managers until finally it happened. I walked out with a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grand.

So for the next 2 I suffered with this anemic Pioneer just for the up/cross-conversion.

Finally I bought 4 separate power amplifiers and pre/pro:
Sherwood P-965 Pre/Pro
Sherwood HSB-600 HDMI Link
B&K Reference 4420 (2CH)
B&K Sonata Video 5 (5CH)
B&K ST-202
Denon POA-800

I am wondering what best way to go forward with those products and if I should dump any of them.

I'd also like to note that at the moment the D&K ST-202 is connected to a pair of Vienna Haydn 6OHM with wire ran from the amp to the speaker and then from the speaker to a subwoofer hi-level input not utilizing the output. The source is Foobar2000 playing FLAC Lossless files through USB to a NuForce uDac and then directly into the amplifier.

The sound is great but I am worried about the amp. I bought it broke and was easily able to repair it but if these things fail do they take speakers with them? I could never stomach that. I have no money and it has taken me 10 years with industry connections on the purchases to get this far.

So anyways I will be looking for some guidance in the separates world as all I know is the little bit of training I have received from B&K and NAD which where like to opposites side of the world as for there uses lol.

the rest of my bios is below if you car what nudged me along the audiophile trail.

So if you can bare with me I want to give small chronological order of my Audiophile experience. 1997 I am 14 I have a pair of over the ear headphones from Audio Technica 5hz-20hz flat I am thinking I got the most awesome headphones money can buy. Rich little snobby friend is over and shows me his multi-hundred dollar Denon cans his dad just bought him. I thought he was lying about the price... This is my first realization that what I at the local music instrument store isn't the cream of the crop in audio reproduction. I lay wait for several years. But this is what got me into better audio exists.

Next thing I know I am selling car audio systems at circuit city but to the wrong people. I am dreaming out meticulous builds to people who just want the $100 1000w BS amp and the $120 deck w/ free install and some 8au wire to power the amp. I lost a dream install on a Mercedes Suv because the installer didn't want to go through the trouble of what I had envisioned. Finally the guy said sorry went to tweeter they called me asked me if I would tell em everything. I was sup upset that I told them everything I had planned. They did the instal and then the guy came back to me and said this is the managers card. Call him.

Long story short I am Tweeter but not in car audio. Instead within months I am doing In Home Specialist and dreaming out intricate sophisticated that sound amazing and make life easier.

Having access to B&K Components, Martin Logan, Rel, and Sonus Faber I fell in love with 2 CH audio F*** surround sound it was just an expensive way to take focus off and money away from the real inspiration.

So at the time I am only 20yrs old and I bought a pair of Jamo Concert 4 and although they where great they weren't amazing so I buy my first pair of Vienna Acoustics Haydn 6OHM and I land a RX-V3000 for $50 dollars (crazy story). This is the beginning of my new obsession.

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I am going to start with the end and


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Hi there g: Seccond the welcome. Since you have already pulled the obsession lever, recommend reading the "Likwitz Orion beaten by Bhringer....what!!?" thread herein. The thread really gets into the inside of the audio obsession after the first few posts (200!) an will epose you to many of the top dogs of our hobby (and profession). ....regards, Michael
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