New HT system design added to drawing board

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I sat down today and did all the calculations for my new Home Theatre System fronts and rears. It is based heavily on the "Trinity" towers , in fact the cross section is exactly the same except a bit smaller, the cabinets are also a bit shorter.

I plan to use the Peerless HDS shielded 850528 mid woofers + Peerless 810563 HDS tweeters all round, MTM's at the front and MTat the rear. (series x-os of course ;-))

The centre is definitely going to be m-something-m with the m's angled back at about 10-15º, but i am considering stepping away from using the single tweeter, and going with an 4" mid with a smaller face-plate tweeter, **IF** i can find appropriate drivers. I was considering the 821615 + 811582, but neither seems to be shielded, darn !! !

As for the sub, I'm again undecided, I really would like to try the new 8" long throw sub driver from peerless, using 2 separate cabinets each with150w amps, one in each corner , (its Fs is 29.3Hz) . The other option is a single xls 10" Peerless with a bigger amp. Decisions, decisions !!
Andy G

you mean a link to my site?

Dave hasn't done the write up yet, they are still painting the speakers !!
but I know he took LOTS of pics of his kids making them, so it should be an interesting page or dozen when he gets it done !!

I admit to being rather lazy of late, partly because of funds, partly I needed a break, but I do have some other projects in progress. ;-))
Centre Channel

I trawled for yonks for info on good cntr channel loudspeakers & in particular, those using drivers:

1. small enough to fit into an enclosure no more than ideally 160mm high (so as to sit comfortably under a large LCD monitor and act as a base for it as well);

2. reasonably flat on & off-axis response;

3. good transient capability;

4. x/o around 3khz;

5. available within Australia!!!

While 1 2 & 3 are pretty obvious attributes, x/o at not less than 3khz is something I feel pretty strong about. Reason is simple - dialog. With speech between say 250 - 4khz and the ear (particularly mine) very sensitive to changes in the midband, I prefer to have one driver handling as much of the speech range as possible. Comes from sitting for too many years as a recording & dubbing mixer with ABC TV.

So what did I end up with? 2 x Seas T14RCY woofers & 1 x Seas MP14 co-axial. The array is symetrical with the woofers flanking the co-ax and angled just under 20 deg back. Xo ended up at about 320 and 3100 with a 3rd order slope. How does it sound? Pretty good actually. Voice has a particularly natural quality and music seems very smooth with excellent transients. The slim but long horizontal cabinet orientation looks good and is anything but massive.

Having satisfied myself that I was sorta heading in the right direction, I am just about to embark on the L & R pair using the same MTM configuration but vertically oriented & obviously without the angled baffle for the dual woofers. Later I might get really adventerious & have a go at a pair of tripolar F/X units using the Seas co-ax (but cheaper side firing drivers - probably Peerless or Vifa).

Am also about to split the system and bi-amp it with the Linkwitz-Riley style active xo (Rod Elliot design), though still driving the coax via passive.

Enough of the rambling...


The 810653 are a great tweeter and have used it in some bookshelves.... you don't hear a lot about it but it's very nice and easy to work with.

The 850528 works well in the centre and I use it in the front and rear centres. I combined it with the Vifa D26NC as allowed a very close centres but mine are a vertical TM arrangement and not MTM. Some manufacturers such as Mission and Dynaudio are starting to use 2 tweeters or more in their centres.

All the speakers are set to small with sub doing the LFE without hinderance from the other speakers.

If the 8" Peerless is the 830491, then give it a miss as it's a dog. I just replaced mine with a Vifa M22WR for a little music sub (not really a sub) and craps all over it. There's something odd about Peerless 8" drivers in the HDS series. You are far better off with the 10"XLS 830452 and I use it here.... great woofer.

Barfly was over the other day and said the HT was the best he's ever heard, so I must have got something right ;)
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