New house, FHXL too big for room. New cabs needed. MarKen10?

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Hi all,

A few years ago I built a set of FHXL with Alpair 10.3 Copper drivers - they have been used every day for music, gaming and TV, and have been absolutely wonderful. They have been fed from a Mytek Brooklyn, driven by a pair of Heed Obelisk PM Monoblocks, and supported by a Rel T7 sub.

I'll try and get some pics of the cabs up.

Anyway, I decided to leave my job and home city and move with my partner to Norwich where I have started University as a mature student, studying engineering.

Sadly, my new living room is much smaller, and I only have a 2.9m width wall to wall (the room is 5.5m the other way but I'll be sat facing down the 2.9m), so my FHXL are far too big.

I have the Mar-Ken10x planset and was looking at building one of the smaller stand-mount trapezoidal cabs - the MarKen10.3T has been done specifically for the driver I have which is good! I already have some good stands that would suit them too - though making some new ones would be easy enough. Do you think these would be a decent speaker for the room? I'd like something I can get close to the wall as possible, so front ports are surely the best thing here?

Alternatively I could look at building something smaller to take the Alpair 7.3?

Having the sub opens my options a bit I think (I barely had it ticking over with the FHXL). It doesn't look like that driver is available anymore though - has been replaced with the MS - are there any box designs for these yet? I love the sound of my 10.3, so really do want to stick to the Mark Audio drivers.

Yes, a goodly number of enclosure designs are around for the MS drive units. Some are linked to on the Markaudio website: go to the driver page, select the 'resources' tab, and then 'cabinet plans and resource links'. That will take you to a selection. More are in fact around on this forum, but they haven't all been drawn up properly or linked to from the official site. You can find some more I've done on these threads too:

Miscellaneous designs -Mark Audio, Fostex, TB, Dayton, Seas etc.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.