New guy from Sweden...

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Hi there, DIY world!

I'm a guy from Sweden who has spent the last 4 years on hifi, well, at least my spear time!

I started up a company late summer 2001 and my main activity is building loudspeakers.

I live in Sweden, as you read in the subject, and to be more precise, the south east part, Blekinge.

The thing about Hifi then....Why are we doing this? I do not know actually! Mayby because it is so difficult and because that there are NO absolute true's! What sounds GREAT in one system, may sound horrible in an other one...Makes you wonder! Salesmen says that the product sounds bad because of the high quality of 'thier' componenent...
Well...missmatch in system, I'd say!

I now own 3 pairs of speakers:
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

A smaller floorstander:
An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

And a newly, although not finished, high sensitive floor standing D'appolito speaker... And now available picture yet...

I like Thiel & Partner drivers, Eton drivers and off course TC Sounds. Scan Speak Vifa are OK, for theire price range. I hope to try Skaaning units soon, now known as Flex Units.

Cross over I try to keep as simple as possible, I start with 1'st order (electrically) and if I have to, I 'add an order' if the driver requires so...
The componenets are Cross Coils, MCap capacitors and Mox resistors.

I have had the fortune to find a nice and deacent priced furniture craftsman to build my 'boxes'.

I have a Clio Standard measuring system, which is greate...although the windows and the usabillity ...well...there are some things left to wish for! :D

I hope to have good use of this forum, and also be of some assistance!

And I hope my english is OK!

See ya!
Hi there...

Tokhult...nice! Well if you have any arrends down in the south....give a days notice!

No I have not tried it yet...HAd som plans on trying it with Eton 7 inch mid/bass...but my choice fell on the ER 4 from Eton instead.

One thing I do NOT like with ER 4 and R1, is that they very often requires high order XO...Unless you XO @ high frequences, i.e. 8kHz or higher...
ER4 (and I huess the R1) have quite much distortion under thier working frequency range compared to dynamic tweeters, imho!
Hej killar!

Well, that's enough with the Swedish. Welcome epkpeng! You probably have guessed it already, I'm Swedish to. Nice to see that so many swedes are finding this excellent forum. I have been lurking and learning here for a while. One thing that I have been envious on the Americans for is the number of people "over there" involved in DIY audio. I especially like the idea of the annual DIY loudspeaker competitions (mostly discussed on the MAD board). I wonder if we could arrange something like that? What do you think?


Probably should introduce myself also, haven't done that before.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, since a couple of years. I try to find the time to build loudspeakers as often as possible but since my wood working shop is not very large I have to do the major part of the building outdoors. For you who are not familiar with the Swedish climate that means that you only have about 3 months in the summer which is dry enough/warnish enough to work outdoors :( But I'm planning a new workshop in my attic (SP?) so hopefully that will lengthen my season.

As you might have guessed I'm mostly into speakerbuilding but my next project will probably be a couple of poweramps and a preamp.

Happy DIYing!

new guy from Sweden

Hi, I'm not Swedish but I spent 4 months in Stokholm last year. Liked the country and people. I like building speakers too. I was using Accuton highs and mids, Focals and few others, but my current choice are Trangle midranges and Raven tweeters. Its true that to use Raven with a simple XO you need to go high (mine crosses at 7khz with a thrd order) but nothing beats the sound. Triangles go up to 13k so they work well with Ravens. For subs I'm using Focal Audioms 15" on the bottom and 12" on top, everything in an open baffle. Sounds really good.
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