New, experimental RPi firmware improves analog out

"Available with rpi-update firmware is an experimental audio driver that should significantly increase the quality of sound produced by the 3.5mm audio jack.

I've reimplemented the original PWM-based 11-bit audio @48kHz as 7-bit 2nd-order Sigma-Delta modulated at 781.25kHz. The effective noise floor with this scheme approximates that of CD-quality audio DACs."
Ooooh, that sounds very interesting! Thanks for posting this - I will read up on it.

Edit: OK, after reading the thread it seems that the quality will be much better under the delta-sigma scheme, but still not up to "high" quality audio standards. Any improvement to the audio out of the Pi is welcome, however, this is not ready for prime time at this point (e.g. still being tested and bugs being uncovered). Keep us posted!
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