new esl start to finish build

Here we go again. I have ordered six step ups from my previuous build as well as four other amps. here is a pic of the step up. The idea is is haviving six panels, 3 per side, and angled at or around 13 defgree, front flat and the sides angled a little. I am sure I will catch some flack from this. However, running six inexpensive amps, not to mention which I haven't. Six panels.
>o/a 51%
>ds space 1/16
>metal STEEL
>diagphram material is questioned, I like what Charlie used but cannot recall the contact or location.
I am doing this as curved panels are very tough to me to work with. Alot of you here have far more tools than I do do and probally a garage or some place to work in.
As materials come in, I will post pics as I have before. I am allways open for sugestions.
Six step ups, six amps, and of course my sub. So once again, here we go! stay tuned. Mav:)


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