New DIY Speaker Fanatic on board

Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to reading and posting on this board, I’m a regular a AA, AR and the MAD board so some of you probably already know me as Kingdaddy my real name is Mike Keith and I live in Fort Worth Texas and am off the deep end into DIY Speaker building and anything else I can get my hands on. I work at Fieldtech Avionics as the R&D dept manager, well actually I am the only person in R&D in fact I started this department and gave it a name so I would feel more important, anyway I’m fairly astute to all forms of electronic assembly as I design and build Avionics Test Equipment and design and layout small jet cockpits and do a lot of drawing on AutoCAD 2000. My first passion is of course is Music, and I have always wanted a Hi-Fi system that is far more expensive then I could ever afford so I build what I can and fake the rest. I look forward to visiting this board frequently and I only just learned of it’s existence due to a post from Chris8 over at I have some Pictures of my latest DIY Speaker project that I have spent the last 6 months and over 500 hrs and nearly all of my money on, and I’ll post some pictures as soon as I contact Chris8 as he has been so kind as to sponsor my pics on his site which is not bandwidth limited as all of my Geocities sites are, anyway here are my web addresses if anyone is interested in the unfinished version of my SST8 prototype speakers and my old HT setup, note that all speakers in every picture are DIY, as I have no commercial speakers in my house.
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