New circuit based in NP CSX

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then I'll be able both to follow and comment

After this wisdom counsels of Aleksandar and because I am still curious, I started this thread that Mr Nelson Pass just answer my question in the previous #1290 of the thread Article Sony vfets part 1.

Dear partners of this Pass Labs threads.
Few months ago I started with the CSX1 project. Then, I got from Acroman several pieces of the pairs 82/28 and with another pieces of another friend and member, jama, we found carefully their curves envelope and matching to obtain four identical pairs.
Then looking for more damping I planned in parallel them.
I tried they and they are matched fine, with a DC of 0.01volt and a difference in the polarization of 0.2volt between the negative and positive rail.
Yesterday I start to think in the project again and trial several drawings of symmetrical connection between the devices, finally I found a schema that I will show with the object of be judged for more experienced members. Please I need your counsel if is possible to make it without troubles.
Best Regards in advance and thank for your opinion.


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Yesterday, I tried in the workshop at the basement the voltages and the currents, the DC in the out is more difficult in stabilize, 0,2volt.
This afternoon I put in my living room, I was intrigued and I tried with one channel. The sound, very good. The loudspeakers are full range 15ohm EX4Lowther in a DIY back loaded horn (Mauhorn). I tried with bach solo cello sonata, something with King Crimson, and a little of Mahler with bestial symphonic passage. Suddenly the SMPS died,
But the sound was amazing, coherent and dynamic.
I guess I have to stabilize the DC, put a fan in the SMPS. Anybody of the people here could give an idea about the improvement?

Today I rise the current until 1.5A with 23,5 Volt.
45ºC, I trying in calculate the input capacitance...
Before I tried with parallel windings on the primary of the transformer with louder sound.
Today I attached and preamp but the windings in series gave better sound.
Exploring one channel with different music today, after 3 hours the DC rise a little, the SMPS with a 12 volt fan working with 4,5 gave enough air for maintain under good temperature.
The clue? somebody can counsel to me. Mr Aleksandar ZEN?
Mr Mode?
Best Regards Gentlemen
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for parallel connection of primary windings , you need properly low driving impedance - so either beastie preamp/buffer or input buffer implemented in amp itself
that's explanation for better sound when using primaries in series

find enclosed schematic upright - it's always easier to think with head upright :rofl:

what you're having - balanced or unbalanced preamp (stage preceding amp) ?


can you clarify - what you exactly mean with parallel and what with series connection of primary windings ?


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Thanks Aleksandar, in the schematic the primaries are in series.
Respect to my preamp, I have none Jeje, but I trying a unbalanced BTW, however I diagram it like balanced connection because the circuit is all balanced.
At the first time I think in a double CSX with four transformers for individual polarization, further I made more simple but I have some DC on the output.
Do you know how much is the maximal DC that I could use with my fullrange 15ohms?
Today I listen my Aleph X again, and I remembered the sound of the simetrical with more bass.
At the moment I not measure the amp.
Thanks for your comments my friend.
Best Regards
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sorry , I simply can't see how primaries are in series , if connected as in picture

you can either feed them balanced , each winding fed from one phase of source , or unbalanced , where ideally non-modulated winding is closed to ground with impedance identical to output impedance of source feeding other winding

huh - complicated to write ..... but say it in other way - feed one winding with 300R source , close second winding to ground via 300R resistor ....... for SE connection

so , better to sketch what exactly you are thinking with series vs. parallel

regarding DC at speaker ...... consensus is that 100mV is OK for PA amps , while for domestic ones ( feeding gentle fullrangers,for instance) 50mV is sane limit
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Hi amigo Dady

So you say me it's noise cancelation if well matched vfet's in your balanced topology amplifier.
They deliver 2 times RMS power like square laws class A with 4 ohm drivers ?

Any future psu build project with 400 or 500 watts r-core transformers or smps is ok and not worse the efforts ?

Greetings :)
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