New case for class D amps

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Hi Guys,

Don't know whether this is allowed but I thought I'd share it with the DIY community.

I am considering having an aluminium case manufactured made from 4mm aluminium. The case will have custom front and back plates which can be pre-drilled / routed for the connections.

The case will be either anodized or powdercoated.

I'd be interested in finding out whether there's an interest in such a case before proceeding with this.

Cost is unknown at this moment but is largely driven by quantity.

So basically let me know what you think.




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what are dimensions we are talking about?

I'm looking for 430 mm wide (normal audio size) and a height of about 60-70 mm. (to fill with 2 UCD180's)

the other solutions out there are either to standard (rack mount) or to expencive (> 200E)

what is the prize range were thinking about?
<100 E would be great
The width of the case is 440, depth is 350. It's a very sleek design - trust me on this.

As for the height, I was thinking of offering the case in three dimensions: 50mm , 75mm and 120mm height. That is internal dimensions. That would suit a mono amp, a stereo amp and a multichannel amp.

I expect the case to be in the 150 - 200 Euro bracket. This is and will be a high end case. 4mm thick walls, top and bottom. Enough to hold the largest transformers.

Back panels will be available with either 2, 3, 5 or 7 speaker binding post holes with both singled ended and balanced inputs. It'll also accept a trigger input and output therefore catering for all connections.

Another option is to use one case for the PSU, in that case one back panel will feature a Neutrik industrial power connector i.e umbelical cord and the other one will feature an input.

All back panels will be custom manufactured. Investigating labelling as an option.

The inside of the case will have standard slots to fit Hypex and Zap modules straight onto the cooling fins. The fins will have exactly the same appearance as the case > not some kind of bolt-on profile...


Holes on the frontpanel is not a problem.

The front and back plates can be swapped. It would also be very easy to use a bench drill and drill the holes yourselves.

100 is a price that cannot be achieved unless we are talking really big numbers here. As I mentioned, the price would be nearer the 150-200 bracket.



Edit: Depending on interest I'll have this case manufactured. Again, cost is very much driven by quantity. There more people are interested - the higher the chances that I'll have this case made. Expect the initial costs to do this to be very high.

Richard, very interesting, but the price bracket *is* a bit high, I'm afraid!

There's a case to be had, from the states, aluminum, 5mm front panel, with power connectors/xlr/cinch in/speaker terminals present, transport included, for about 170 dollars.

If you can lower the price after a while, count me in - I'd rather buy from a fellow Belgian :D
Yves Smolders said:
Of course, Richard should give it a go, a solid looking case adds to the sound... at least psychologically!

Keep us informed Richard!

PS. I know about the "us" cases being made in Taiwan, but that doesn't matter - I'm interested in 1 piece not 20.


Could you also PM me the link of the US/Taiwan case. I can't afford the Belgian case either...

This particular case will be made in belgium. There's no point in having it made in Taiwan or elsewhere unless you're willing to manufacture 2 containers of it. But then again you won't get the quality we're after.

Secondly, we (I think) want a case that isn't the average foldable metal sheet box clad with a 10mm alu front but we want a case that is solidly engineered. This case will be 4mm front to back, top to bottom.

Another feature of this case is that it is configured EXACTLY as you yourselve specify. You want only 3 single ended inputs - then you can have it. 7 Balanced? No probs. You name it - "we make it".

This case will outclass the best of cases. Some exceptions of course...Chord comes to my mind albeight at another cost level.

I am still looking for alternative suppliers who can manufacture some parts of the case at a better cost. This means at the moment that with some interest the case will be in the 150-200 bracket. Again volume drives cost > if we're talking about lets say 300 cases then I'll be able to drive the cost further down > it'll be a real bargain then.

Also, if you spend lets say 1000 euro's on the interior then 150-200 is not to much for a classy case to stick it in.

I also plan to add the option of copper shielding in the case to separate the supply part from the electronics but I'll have to give this some further thought.

Tease me enough and I'll have it made !!

Any prefs for colour? Black would be my first choice.


richard black is my preference as well although i might be tempted by a high quality anodised finish.

Re the US cases I suspect that the following wiki refers

I have 4 of these cases and they are very nice and better than any retail cases i have seen elsewhere. However I do not think they are as high a quality as the ones that you are suggesting.
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