New but willing to give it a go


2013-03-12 10:13 pm

Just joined the group, and am looking to start doing a bit of fettling on my old like myself kit, have moved around a bit of late so much of the gear has been in storage not high end but keeps me noisy.

I am mmore used to taking engines apart but it's time to roll the sleeves up and get stuck into my Low-Fi it needs tLC, first offf is my Linn Axis I've seen threads re the unit not driving and I'm encountering the same issues.

I believe there is a schematic out there and would like the chance to obtain this if possible, I like to do the reding bit before wading in with the old sausage fingers. as I say more used to oily bits than things going crackle and whizz.

If anyone can help me with this one it would be much appreciated.