New build (ACA), PCB got sticky after cleansing


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2017-09-10 6:33 pm
Good evening everyone!

I just finished soldering the parts onto the beautiful ACA, and wanted it to get all shiny, so I tried to remove the Flux-residue with Isopropylalcohol and rinsing it with dishwasher-soap and water (following the various instructions here and elsewhere).

It now has a sticky film on all of it (feels a bit like I just dispersed/spread the flux-residue onto the whole PCB. Is the Isopropyl not good to use? Or was I just too cautious with the soap?

Your guess?
Sorry for bothering, and thanks!

I use isopropyl. I clean each joint twice with an isopropyl-dipped cottom-bud (what they call a Q-tip in the States), then one more with a clean dipped one, and then a final time with a clean dry one. I don't do the soap & water step at all.



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