New boy looking for proper sound reproduction


2007-10-14 5:09 pm

I joined this forum a while ago, as my google searches would often lead me here!

I have been drawn into the heady world of valve amps and horn speakers by both my brother (original World Audio Design PP ECL82's), and a colleague at work ( MingDa 805 SET's).

I have been working for the past 15 years as a CAD designer and mechanical engineer to the automotive industry, and prior to that gained an apprenticeship in toolmaking ,which I continued with for 10 years.

As you can imagine I have no formal training in electronics, in fact I found it pretty heavy going at colleague, but I have decided to have a go at making some valve amps, and suitable speakers.

I have read all the books by Morgan Jones, and Bruce Rozenblit, and others, and I am part way through building some mono blocks with 807's as output valves (directly coupled to some ECC81's, and wired as triodes), Hence the moniker NJE807.

I have been reading articles on this forum for a while now, soaking up information, especially on valve circuits and speaker design , and appreciate the gracious wealth of knowledge available from learnt scholars of the subject.

The thing I really want to grasp, is HIFI from first principles. The idea of building a simple circuit, instead of buying a plastic box full of cheap components is where it's at for me.

Kind Regards,

Neil Edgar

The more you learn, the more you realise, there is still more to learn.
john blackburn said:
I think a man that can make nice volume knobs and the like would find many friends here! John

Welcome to diyAudio Neil - The "simple circiuts" are the most difficult ones to master! IF you can design or devise a simple circuit that sounds sweet AND connect it to some Knobs that you have machined - (and perhaps a nice front panel) - then you will gain about 92,674 friends (if the membership counter is running correctly)! :D