New bee want help


For a few years ago I was lisning to a normal SS amplifier and a normal speaker. Last year I sold my amplifier because I buil a SE tube (KT88) amplifier. :D

The amplifier give only 8 Watts and now I need new speakers.

I have looked on a Voigt horn, but the types I had lisend to stops at 50 Hz. No sound below. Are it possible to build a Voigt horn, or other horn, whom goes down to 25 Hz.


Sure -a BIB pipe-horn with a good 8in driver like the FE206E or better, the FE208ESigma will get you down to ~30Hz or the high 20Hz regions providing you can corner-load them, which is what they are designed for. They'll be about 7ft tall, but footprint isn't excessive -not much more than a regular floorstander.

Apart from that type of enclosure, getting down to the sub-bass regions with an FR driver in a cabint of vaguely reasonable size is extremely difficult. If you can't go with the above, then you'd be better off accepting the fact that solid to 40Hz will be realistically all you're going to get, & provide the LF with drivers & cabinets that are actually designed for that task.