New amp build grounding question


2015-12-11 4:35 pm

First I am not having issues with this amp. My question is about a better grounding method for this amp if it exist.

The current grounding goes like this.

Ground point 1, Mains earth ground directly below mains input wires

Ground point 2, Star ground for everything except cathode and speaker output jacks within 2 inches of earth ground near main filter caps using bolt through chassis

Ground point 3, output tube one cathode to chassis near tube base

Ground point 4, output tube two cathode to chassis and speaker output jack tube near tube base

Would it be better to run the cathode grounds to the star?




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For best results move the star off the chassis. Connect all 'ground' points in the mains audio circuit to the star. The PSU should have its own ground bus so that charging pulses are kept in the right place; the output (i.e. quiet) end of this should connect to the star. There should be one wire from the star to the chassis.

For even better results learn about grounding, ditch the star and use a proper ground bus.