NEOLITE (S5N-8) Full Range Speaker

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Does anyone have any experience with the NEOLITE (S5N-8) ?


Diameter: 5 inches Nominal Impedance: 8ohms (optional 16 ohms available) Power Capacity: 100 Watts Sensitivity: 91 dB @ 1 W / 1 m* Frequency Range: 150 Hz -18 kHz Minimum Impedance: 7.03 ohms Voice Coil Diameter: 1 inch Magnetic Assembly Weight: 7.4 oz. (.20kg) Mounting Options:. Front/Rear Total Weight: 13.8 oz. (.39 kg) Polarity: White = +
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Thanks in advance for your input
Hello there. Yes I had used this speakers few years back in a open baffle to see if I like the drivers. Sound was very close to the fostex Fe fullrange drivers. A little less peaky from, what I can remeber. I did end up sending them back due to the 150hz. I was still kinda new to diy speaker building. If I could redo my mistake I would build a fast type speaker close to the Visaton Stella light speakers. I would use these for t.v. duty for sure. Sorry I could not help you anymore. OOO by the way the older driver they use to have before this one was used in a video game like pack man or something like it. Cheers Jm
Thanks for the info. It may be what I am looking for if its like the fostex full range driver. I am currently using the fe126en in a backpack speaker system. The fe126en weighs about 2.2lbs the new version of the neolite weighs only 1lbs this would knock off 2.4 pounds on the backpack which currently weighs 12lbs with amp, speakers and batttery pack. I want good sound with good volume. The fe126en's are working great for that, but if I could find something similar thats lighter I would be very happy. So do you think it will work for my application and give me decent sound with a bit of volume ?
Well to be honest I really don't know if this driver would work with your backpack system or be able to take the different weather changes? Then You will need weather proof fullrange speakers. Like the Visaton FR13WP-4 Outdoor 5" Full Range Waterproof 4 ohm Speakers from parts express. They have a 4" inch driver and a 6.5 inch drivers Plus they come in two colors either black or white. Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but, I am thinking of down the road a few years from now. Also I would not use the fostex fe 126en drivers outside or the Neo lite. They are indoor speakers. Now This would be the way I would go if I was going to be building a backpack system and take it places indoors and outdoors. Also if your only using this backpack system indoors please forgive me. I was just guessing? Also I can give you a better idea of other fullranger drivers that will fit your needs for cheaper money. Hope this helps? Jm
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Thanks for the response. I have tried the visaton fr13wp I sent them back for 2 reasons. They where not real loud with a t-class amp sound didnt carry well outside and 4 ohm speakers seem to drain the battery pack fast. I have also tried several car and marine speakers. So far I have liked the fostex the best. I have used the fostex for the about 3 years now and they have held up well despite the abuse. I take it skiing, Camping, to the beach on vacation etc... My only complaint is the weight. If I could find a good sounding full range 8ohm speaker 90+ spl that weighs about 1lb I would be happy. Thats why I was hopping the neolite would fit the bill. If you have other recommendations I would love to hear them. Thanks

Give this a listen and see what you think.
If you listen to video long enough you will hear how it sounds with different types of music.
Speaker Backpack - YouTube

Backpack at Copper mountain Colorado
Perfect Spring Day at Copper Mountain April 2013 - YouTube
Wow I see you have done your research on a few fullrange drivers. Well here's one for you. Have you looked at the Celestion fullrange array speakers at parts express? They are 8 ohms and ( 87 db) & they are weather resistant. They only go up to a 3 inch fullrange driver? I have no idea what size fullrange driver you want big or small? Also have you looked at the ( ND series from parts express)? Also have you looked at a in wall speaker? Well I hope this helps Cheers. jm
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