needed: High frequency companion for Peerless HSD Exclusive

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a tweeter for my upcomming large DIY project. It's going to take a while to create, but it should be quite awsome when it's finished :D

Well, here is the setup I hope te create:

- The bass section will become dual dipole Peerless XXLS-10 woofers upto about 150~200 Hz
- kickbass/mid will be done by the beautiful Peerless HDS 180 Exclusive. In a small(ish) closed box
- tweeter: thats the question????
- X-over: Behringer DCX 2496
- amps: Parasound HCA-1000 for the woofers, 100W T-amp for mid, maybe a Class A for tweets...
- Custom pre-amp with uc controlled digital volume control.
- stylish sleek curved speaker design, metallic spray painted

Tweeter "specs":
- The tweeter should sound great (of course), not to bright
- Fairly high power handling and Xmax, It should be able to cope with some louder stuff
- Low X'able: about 1500 to 2000 Hz
- Low non linear distortions in the whole frequency range, also with higher power.
- price up to 170 euro's, less would be great ;)

Possible candidates:

- the SS 9xxxx models. 97000 looks nice
- the Seas noferro 550, looks nice, too, but I'm not sure about the power handling. Then again, the ferro version is suppost to sound a little less good.
- Some large ribbon tweeter like the Fountek NeoCD 2.0 or JP 2.0. But those are fairly large, and will really fit into the speaker design I had in mind. But if the units are worth it, why not...

Well, I'm looking for some more input or feedback on the candidates or other options. Please let me know!
The 9700 is 129,- euros here in the Netherlands. At Solen's, the LCY (130) is also 210 USD on the international price list.

And to get them here will cost extra chipping, tax and import tax. Even with the low USD, it's far to expensive. And I would love to hear them before I buy them.
Here some measurements data of the Peerless against the Seas and Dayton's of equal size:

Should be very interesting I guess.

Still looking for tweeter options. Could someone descript the "sound" of a large Ribbon like the Fountek's? I have a Aurum Cantus G2si in my center, and know it sounds great, but I'm not sure about the large ones. Not to mention, getting them to fit into my design:

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

[ note, this is not the final design, but might be fairly close ]

As you can see, the units in the design are Accutons, but they are to expensive for me. I guess the HDS exclusie is a worthy replacement. I might still go for a thiel tweeter thought... The C2-23 is with 200 euro's just a bit out of reach...Or even the smaller C2-12
I really dont see the seas beeing so much better... On some parts the seas wins, on others the Accuton. But true, the difference is not very great.

But there is one thing missing: how does tweeter distortion behave with increasing with increasing voltage? I want to have a tweeter that has very good power handling, and can be crossed execptionally low. On both fronts the Accuton will do better then the Seas.
personnally I have a vifa D27TG4506 and this thing plays as good as proac d15 which is 4400$ and its powered by a hafler dh500 its stays smooth even on high levels of power until my woofer gives up.the other is a peerless X176WR3308 :) stay with soft dome its more musical little less detail but I personnally want to feel the music not just hear it.
Peerless X176WR3308

Which Peerless driver is X176WR3308 ? Peerless' web-site and various Suppliers all list Peerless drivers with an 8******* number . I suppose this 8 series number is included with the X176WR3308 driver , hence can any owners of these post that relevant 8 series number here please ? It seems to be a popular choice of bass/mid by DIYers , thus I would like to look at its data , etc ...
peerless exclusive likes low crossover points, but i disagree with the top poster and would say that the peerless exclusive has better clarity than Seas CA18, L18, and Dayton RS180. In fact its right up there with the Seas Excel.

Also, Zaph's tests clearly show that the Accuton tweeter is superior in distortion performance over the Seas $30 unit. The Seas unit has over twice the total harmonic distortion of the Accuton unit.
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