Need Woofer advice for a 3-way project

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I would like to build a floor stander 3-way design (possibly WWMT) using morel MDT 30 tweeters, Focal 5K3211B mid/woofs and 8" or 10" woofers. I am leaning toward a sealed design for the woofers and I am considering a series pair of Dayon RS225's 4 ohm or possibly the 10" Version of the Dayton Reference. I am not adverse to a single woofer per box either. My budget will allow higher $$ woofs but the Dayton Reference series are attractively priced..

I already own the Morels and the Focals. I also have a pr of SEAS P21REX/DD's from another project but they need a vent, and I am leaning toward sealed.

I have built a 6 liter test box using an active 24db/octave xover with the Focal and Morels and I am reasonably impressed with the mids but I need some bass. I am looking for accuracy/resolution first and foremost, but I need some lower octaves and my listening room is fairly large.
If your room is fairly large you might consider going with something like the Dayton 10" Reference - it's a true sub and will give you that extra "oomph" you are unlikely to get from the RS225s.

From what I've been able to glean from the forum, the Reference subs are one of the best values on the market, and when someone like John Krutke recommends them that's about all I need to know.

If you want to go a little bit upmarket I don't think you can go wrong with the Peerless XLS series either - they are very well suited for sealed enclosures.
There are two Dayton Reference 10" drivers: the RS265 subwoofer and the RS270 woofer. Both are excellent, but with different design considerations.

The RS270 contends mostly with something like a SEAS L26, although with better HD performance in the bass, and slightly higher HD in the lower midrange.
I have built three way speakers using the WWMT concept.

I used different speakers than you so I will not comment on your speaker choice but I think some of the conclusions I came to may help you.

By the way I used a direct coupled wide range mid unit with 1 stage filters on the treble and base unit to asist the mid range unit at the frequency extremes.

1 I found that a very rigid mid cabinet was essential. i used corian .
2 I found that the rigidity of the base cabinet did not have a great effect on sound quality
3 I finished up with sealed cabinets as I found that ported cabinets seemed to loose some of the natural sound of the music - this may seem a bit vague but it was my conclusion.
4I used a 5" mid unit and a 10" base unit.

Hope this helps

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