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I am looking at different AK4495 kits on ebay and diyinhk. This AK4495SEQ NE5534 Dual Parallel Soft Control Board Assembled Support DOP DSD | eBay ebay dual chip design took my eye and i would like for it ( ar another - better one - from your recommandations ) the best usb board + best output stage + (And most importantly) - the absolute best power supply with regulators.

I need advice wheter i should use salas reflektor D(PSU?) and salas shunt regulator - i don't really understand if i need both ( i want the absolute best sound out of the dac but i need to understand what the two of them are all about, if there are better options - the ebay 4495 already has a bunch of capacitors on it and i think they are the PSU so i dunno if i have to remove that or not.

I'm also looking at sparkos labs discrete Opamps for it, but i am really wondering if legatto IV would be better and if it is compatible to the dual 4495.

If you can help me understand all this and also the PSU and regulators aspects - explained as to a complete noob in electronics but relatively well versed in how PC hardware works and easily made to understand - what everything does and how i can get the best sound from this DAC using no matter how many parts.

Please tell me what XMOS board i should get, the expensive ones on Diyinhk, the expensive ones on ebay with 2 clocks or the WAVEIO, or go for the Amanero ?

On top of all this :
I especially find it VERY appealing to go the DSD upsampling route with a DIY DSD only DAC (i found two variations- one from the HQ player creator and the other one here on the forum ) but atm i see neither are as of now commercially available and no clear comparisons with other DACS. I did however see alot of people very happy with AK4399 and other's who upgraded to 4495 said "wow", including against the sabre es9018.
I don't know if 4495 can do ASIO DSD, and i'd also like to understand if by doing DSD ASIO or DOP i'd get closer to what an R2R DAC does, in sound terms, losing the negative aspects of the delta sigma.

That's what i got from my noob research, i'd love some enlightement on the case from people with experience with this type of hardware, not specifically the ak4495 ( though it's best if you tried it in any of these variations ).

The power supply dillema is most important, i really want the absolute best sound out of a dual chip ak4495 ( ebay kit or other recommandation ).

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.