need to purchase a new lcd.

hey everyone im back.

since school is starting in 3 weeks i think i am going to finish my projector.

i have already purchased like 3 lcds and none of them could suffice for this project.

so i need a 15" lor 14" lcd that is easily stripped. for like 100 dollars

if anyone could help me out i would be greatly appriciated


2005-03-14 12:47 am
Did you not read any of the responses? I just told you about a monitor that you should be able to get for around $150, plus it has a tv tuner and video inputs so you don't have to buy a separate component to directly play tv and Xbox and Playstation. And no FFC issue. If you don't have to buy a $60 converter box, then the LCD is under $100, right?


2004-02-05 6:14 am
I got a 150 mp from ebay for 91 bucks and 10 bucks shipping. It has no issues except that it didn't bring a remote and has one very small blemish on the screen, barely noticeable only in a white background.

My advice is keep looking. Save some searches on ebay like "Vg150" or "150mp" and make it send new search results to your email. I put the interesting ones on my watch list and this is how I got this one for so cheap.

That's my ebay advice :)


Also, the vg150's do sell as buy it now for less than 100 most of the time and they are very decent monitors. I have one right here but it has a vsync issue. I bought this one for 25, thinking i could fix it.