Need suggestions


2013-05-22 6:42 pm
hey forum, new member here. I just got a new car (actually old 2000 Honda Civic, but new to me...) with a completely worn out factory stereo. I am upgrading with the following components. These components were obtained used & very cheap (mostly trades), so they are what I have to work with. This is all that will be rear speakers or subs.

Components are...
- Kenwood KDC-138 HU (no low-level RCA outputs)
- Rockford Fosgate T162S component set (with passive crossovers)
- Power Acoustic PS2-400 amp (has speaker level inputs)

I know the terminology and have a basic understanding. I have done a lot of research (when I should be working...), but not sure what is best in regard to the following questions.

1) Should I use the speaker level inputs from the HU to the amp or get line converters to the amp RCA's?

2) How should I connect/configure in terms of crossover? Use active only? Passive only? Both? Which settings on amp?

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide to get the best out of what I have...


2010-08-25 7:06 pm
1) No need to get a line converter when the amplifier accepts the speaker level input. However, when I look up that model of Kenwood it claims to have one pair of RCA outputs. Use those instead if you can.

2) Both. You should use the passive crossover that came with your component set and wire it according to the instructions. Use the active crossover on the amp set to high pass and adjust it to around 60Hz for starters.