Need subwoofer/lspCad gurus to review my sub alignment choice

Hello all,

I want to build a DIY sub using the Adire Tempest driver.

I have just run through the alignment permutations using the Adire version of LspCad to model the different alignments using my room dimensions to generate freq response / group delay / driver excursion graphs.

I have never used LspCad before, so while it looks like the analysis gives me a winning design, I don't have enough experience to be confident of the results.

Here is the link to my analysis and graphs.

My goal is:
- 80% Home Theater / 20% Music
Best compromise between:
- Maximum bass extention
- Group delay <20ms at 20Hz
- Flat freq response between 80Hz and 20Hz

It looks like the winner for my room is a Tempest driver in a vented enclosure using the Adire (Q=.577) alignment.

Do you guys agree???