Need Speaker Recommendation

I am starting in on building a tube amp for my home system. I am researching speakers and wanted to ask the group here for some recommendations to look into. My specs as follows:

Amp: Tube 5881 23wpc into 4 ohms. UL mode using plitron 4002 output transformers.

Room size: standard american living room, approx 10 x 20 ish.

Music taste: Classical, concerto and sonatas mostly, but the occassional symphony is enjoyed. Also must perform reasonably well with most modern pop crap. ( I have kids)

I was leaning toward a full range solution but I keep getting warned that they congest with full symphony type music played at realistic volume levels. Plus the bottom end is a little shy. I live in Corvallis Oregon and would love to get a chance to listen to some myself. But have been unable to find anyone nearby with a pair.
A multiway system may be better. But I am open to any ideas from those that know.

Thanks in advance for any help.