• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Need some help with my Palmer Eins

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hi all,
i really love my palmer eins amp, but its currently broken, most probably cause it fell down....
i still have warranty i think, but, i do need this thing these days and really dont feel like sending it in waiting for ages and all that. also, i think its probably an easy fix. that said, i have to admit my own knowledge and skills regarding analog electronics and tube stuff is basically nonexistant. ive just
got basic soldering skills.
heres a picture of its inside: View image: Palmer Eins Broken
description of the problem: its not the fuse, it does turn on. also it does produce self-noise as usual. but, no incoming sound.
the tubes are fine too. i opened the thing - see the picture - and noticed there are two cables that lead nowhere and i suspect that is the problem - they disconnected from wherever they should be connected to. (the white one next to the right tube, plus the longer yellow/green one which ends where the on switch is in the picture). i've marked those two cable-ends with red circles. ill contact palmer too on this since i know without having such an amp its probably hard to impossible to tell for even the best tubeamp freak... still thought id give it a try here. maybe someone does own one too and can tell me where those cables should be connected to. that would be awesome and much appreciated. thanks in advance for any help!
Hi Andreas,

Factory warranty is not for self made errors, like dropping ;)

The yellow/green wire is earth connection (safety) and was most likely connected to the panel you removed to make the picture.
The white wire is most likely an unused wire from the transformer and for safety reason isolated with crimp-tube.

If you look here, you can find some more (better) pictures :
Palmer Eins (Revue) - Forum ampli et préampli guitare

Best is to remove the printed circuit board and look for any components that came loose.
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The green/yellow wire is the standard color for earth wire. The white wire appear to be connected with output transformer. There are 4 output, 8/16 and HI Z pre-amp output, which you can connect to another amp to check if any sound. If white wire is on primary side, all 3 output will have no sound, but the 4th simulated output should have output as it's not going through the OPT (or is it?)
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Thanks alot for the tips ypou both! I'll give it a try later on when i get to it. Regarding "Factory warranty is not for self made errors, like dropping" : i should expressed myself more precise;) Of course i didnt drop the thing myself, but rather, it fell down without any external force when was playing AC/DCs Highway to Hell Solo trough it backwards! That has to be covered, im sure.
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