Need some help to assemble a all-in-one music center

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Hello Everybody,
I read so many interesting experiences of self-construction, so I thought I'd try my hand at something simple, to begin with, first and foremost trying to assemble the pieces in order to get a media center capable of playing music files in my home server. Premise that, at the moment, I have no great pretensions except to study, test and maybe have some fun.
I'm only at the design stage and, so far, I thought of these components:
- the logic engine should be a Odroid C2, one of the few, from what I understand, able to manage the clock and then run various kind of DAC; as software, I thought of an ad hoc distro, for example, Volumio
- DAC, I thought of something that interfaces via I2S and based on AK4490EQ chip, as these two
AK4490EQ AK4490 II2S DAC decoder board /AC15V 0 AC15V(15W) AC9V 10W Frss Shipping -in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
AK4490EQ DAC decoder! Official standard circuit! I2S / DSD input Semi finished kit-in Other Consumer Electronics from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
- I'm still trying to figure out whether, at this stage, a preamplifier is useful or not but I started to catch sight these two solutions:
YJ Hi end Class A preamplifier Completed board with NE5532+Tone adjust-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
6N3(5670) 6H3 Preamplifier 12VAC 500mA Finished Board HIFI Stero Class D-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
- with regard to the amplifier, I want to experience the chip TPA3116, I've read interesting things about it and then I would be oriented toward one of this card:
J34 Free Shipping TPA3116D2 50Wx2 Official Version Finished Stereo Digital Power Amplifier Board-in Integrated Circuits from Electronic Components & Supplies on | Alibaba Group
or, if I give up to the preamplifier, a card like this:
XH M190 2 * 100W digital amplifier board 12V 24V wide voltage dual channel amplifier TPA3116D2 board-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
or this
F98 2016 newest Free Shipping 50W x2+100W TPA3116D2 2.1 HIFI Digital Subwoofer Amplifier Verst Board Newfree shipping-in Amplifier from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group
At this point, I kindly ask your support for the following issues:
- how can I power all this "stuff"? I searched several transformers and rectifiers but I have not yet found the combination that can meet the different voltage and power requirements, or the correct way to connect them; furthermore, after many readings, I have not been able to get an idea about whether or not to use SMPS power supplies and, if so, for which components and quality levels can be considered acceptable
- the cards that I have been considering are compatible with each other? based on what I found around, the only problem might be software management of I2S connection between Odroid and DAC but I hope you can stop me if I've put together things "meaningless".
- Which essential component would lack in this set (apart from a cabinet) that I carelessly and dangerously missed?
I apologize for the length (and the poor english) of the post and the possible triviality of some of my questions but, as I said, I am a beginner and I try to orient myself, possibly with your precious support.
Thanks in advance to anyone who wishes to give me suggestions.
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Hi Joster and welcome to diyAudio :)

Now that's one long and wordy start to a thread ;) so you need to break this all down and ask the appropriate separate questions in the relevant forum sections to get meaningful replies.

I'd concentrate on the amplifier stages and their power supplies for starters.

Good luck.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.