Need some help purchasing parts plz


2013-02-12 6:26 pm
I recently bought a Clarion DPX 11500 with a swollen cap. I have asked my uncle who is an engineer at a high end gov/medical board company and he is willing to solder or reflow or whatever it is he does the new one in I just have to purchase it luckily this amps schematics are really easy to find I just dont know what to order? I was gonna use Mouser. The caps in question are C48 and C64 which are listed as 1000uh/100v105c 18*40*7.5mmLS frankly there are so many like this I dont know what to order? Anyones help would be greatly appreciated I have wanted to own one of these amps for a long time and this one came along cheap so I snatched it up hoping to just replace those 2 caps be on my merry way as I am on a low budget unfortunately. Thanks again. DPX11500(car amplifier).pdf

Perry Babin

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2003-11-20 11:01 am
Some possible replacements (

Look up the datasheets and compare before buying. The one with the asterisk may be the best choice.

These are in parallel groups. It's possible that all parallel caps (6 caps) need to be replaced. It's also possible that they failed because the inductor is shorted or there are problems in the output section of the amp.