Need some advise on what tweeters & midrange speakers to use

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Just bought these subs & need help on which midrange & tweeters i should use--> Alpine SWR-10D2 10" 2000W Dual 2-Ohm Type-R Subwoofers...also bought this Amp -->Alpine MRX-M240
2400W RMS, Monoblock X-Power Series Class D Car Amplifier...I'm a noobie and can use some advise?
Yes I'm doing car audio,I picked up 2-Alpine SWR-10D2 10" which push 300-1000Rms and also picked up An Alpine MRX-M240
2400W RMS but trying to figure out what tweeters and midrange speakers to use with this Amp that's going to be putting out 2,400 rms wattage without blowing them out. What alpine tweeters and midrange speakers would be a good idea to use?
There are other brands...but don't ask me !
Find some tutorial on how to configure a system.
The 2400 W figure I think it's exagerate. Subs absorb much power, depending
on the music program of course; the extra energy is used only at dynamic peaks. I see that for high SPLs ,some models are borrowed from the Pro ( and then there's the Home and the Car segment ) as they can stand much power without breaking .
Ok, let me be the first to tell you, you are an ULTRA-newb, lol :D

You can't use midranges and tweeters with that amp. That amp is a bass mono-block. (Feel free to google any terms I may be using that you don't understand).

You need a separate amp for midranges/tweeters/any other speakers.

Also, you won't get 2400W out of that amp unless you have a super heavy duty electrical system. You will likely get around ~1300W with a "typical" vehicle's electrical system, and even less if you add another amplifier for midranges/tweeters.

Amplifier Types: 2-Channel 4-Channel Mono & Multi-Channel Amps

Car Stereo, Mobile Video, Navigation

Feel free (pressured!) to do some reading :)
Yeah your right I am an ultra Noob lol I already have the speakers and Amp I just mentioned but can get my money back.haven't opened up the Amp box yet.but to push these sub- 10's should I go with The 2-channel Amp?I want to at least get most of these 10"s I just picked up.And as well as picking up midranges/tweeters.
Well, the glossary is still under construction :rolleyes:
Between a midrange and a subwoofer you'd find a woofer.
So, about 6 or 7" diameter ( chassis diameter ).
For a midrange, you'll see 3-4-5"
The tweeters, the dome ones, are usually 1 "
The subwoofer usually is set to monaural, not stereo, so a single channel amplifier would be needed. The mix between L and R channels, the cut of all the frequencies above 60-90 Hz and eventual EQ ( bass boost ) is done at line level, not power .
Also the high pass for the rest of the speakers is done electronically.
Indeed, active filtering is massively used in Car audio , it only needs many amplifiers . On the other hand, you'd find the passive crossovers to split the audio band to the specialized drivers- wf, mid and tw. For splitting the uadio band between a sub and a woofer, active filtering & multi-amping is often done also at home ( see also the cheap 2.1 speakers for Pc )
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