Need small shielded wire

I need small-diameter shielded wire. Braided shield would be nice, but I'd even settle for spiral-wrapped shield. I used to have rolls of really small thin shielded wire used for lapel microphone, which worked pretty well until I ran out.

I need it for improving some high-gain off-board and inter-board low-power audio signal wiring in power amps and preamps, and for pickup wiring in guitars. Like to/from input jacks and pots, and occasionally to replace a few critical lines in ribbon cables or even replace some circuit board traces. In fact, I'd love to find some one-conductor under shield, some 2-conductor under shield, and even sometimes I cold use some 3-conductor under shield, some 4-conductor under shield etc. High capacitance of small-diameter wire isn't much of a problem with the very short lengths I'll be using, despite high impedances.
Check out navships ( on ebay. He's usually got small gauge twisted pair shielded wire. The stuff I bought is silver plated with a white teflon outer jacket, great fun to strip. Works very well for IC's etc. also has similar, if not the same wire. Hard to beat his prices too.

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