Need schematic for frequency divider

Hello everyone :wave2:

I'm novice in the audio modding, but I have soldering experience.
And I want to make a audio reclocker for my Raspberry Pi 4 model B.
For this project I have two precession quartz oscillators (45..M/49..M) covering both audio frequencies.
Mainly problem is low jitter frequency divider.
Easy way is using divider by FPGA, but this not better solution, not my way.
I want to make better divider, that based on the logical microchips.
Dear community guys, how you do about my idea and can you do help me choose better divider schematic?
For 49MHz your options are limited to only the fastest logic families, or specialized clock-divider chips. Attention to trace impedance and preventing signal reflections and ringing will give best results.

75LVC163 4 bit counter will give you divide by 2, 4, 8 or 16, clocks upto 120MHz or so, 3.3V logic note.