need schematic for acoustat mk131/nt

Aha . . . You are dealing with a medallion box. It made for a big difference in the components. There used to be a web site that had info about all of this and offered to do updates -- for a fee. Have you done a good GOOGLE on this? Also, post your questions at the Madisound board. Some bright professionals hang there and I'll bet you'll find someone who can answer your questions and point you to the info you need. Good luck. I enjoyed a pair of Acoustat IIa for years. They really were something. Even had a nice chat with Bob Strickland at the Chicago CES back in the late 80s.
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I tried to attach it again. This time I got the error message that the files are too big - about 80kb each. So it will need to be email


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Would you be so kind as to mail it to me too?

I have a friend that was seeking for this for a long time.



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Hoping to find a schematic diagram for mk-131. It was discussed and not posted here. Have a set of Acoustat Speakers and one is now sounds about 10 db less than the other side. Have an electrical engineer who can assist me in trying to diagnose the interface, but would like to see a schematic. Can any of you help? Thanks
Somebody posted a hand drawn schematic for his MK-131 interface here:
Acoustat Answer Man is here #1850

AcoustatAnswerMan mentioned that the MK-131 is very similar to the MK-141.
Comments and MK-141 schematic posted here:
Acoustat Answer Man is here #1852, #1853