Need pre-amp with LM358


2009-01-01 4:53 pm
the lm358 is a conventional ic,not really an audio ic................
you can try to use a typ. audio schematic where you swap the ic's to the lm358.
example:tone control


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
mjf showed you one in post #2

Almost any opamp data sheet has a tone control shown as an application... and any opamp will work.

Here's another, perfect for a TL072

Edit... actually the one in post #2 has an error... the opamp inputs are shown incorrectly (reversed).


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The LM358 is a horrible excuse for an opamp. It has a class B output stage and slow speed, so it has big problems with crossover distortion. Even the much-reviled 4558 would be a better choice than the LM358.

I looked the LM358 up after your comment and I think you were being a bit generous. I think a tin can and string could come close to beating it.

Thank you mooly

but you are send the schemes with LM4562

please can you send it complete like this

but with TL072

If you build that remember to add the output DC blocking capacitor as the DC on the output should be around 15 volts or you could go to balanced power supplies and remove most of the bias components namely R1, R2, R3, C1, C2 and C5.