Need Pioneer PD-S 06 schematic


2005-11-10 10:15 pm

i've got too a pd-s06.
I use it only in drive.
I had a look on the pcb and the clock isn't a simple crystal.
It seems to be an oscillator (4 pins and supplied). The signal clock seems to go trough a 74hc00 before the decoder.
Is it a benefit to replace it with a XO or other?
In this case, the output of the new clock must be directly injected to the decoder or going through the 74hc00 like the original signal clock?


2005-08-11 5:03 pm
I hate finding the answer to my own questions right after asking them... All manuals are here:

I don't know Russian, but he's got five links just above the first picture: The two first are links to Russian reviews or something, the third is user manual in Dutch and Swedish (pdf format), fourth is Service Manual (djvu format) and last is schematic (also djvu). The schematic is missing a few pages, but is complete in the service manual.