Need helps with building guitaramp

Hi everybody
I always want to build a tube guitaramp (and a bassamp too if I could - I play both) for myself. I would like to build that amp using a preamp like JCM800 with an FX loop, but the poweramp not use tubes like EL34 or 6L6 or smth else because those are too popular => too expensive in my country. My idea is using those Russian military grade tubes like GU-50 or 6C33C (am I crazy :D ), because those tubes are still cheap, easy to find NOS ones in my country & of course, very durable. The preamp & FX loop would use 6N2P-EV & 6N1P-EB military tubes too.
The problem is that I only have enough knowledge to read schematic, work with tube, soldering... BUT not to design something new :bawling: , so I don't know how to use those GU-50s & 6C33Cs for a guitaramp. Do a search with Mr.Google & I find some schematics using GU-50 PP, 6C33C PP OTL ( I think the poweramp stage should be PP or PPP class AB, and OTL for 6C33C) ; but all of them are for Hi-fi/Hi-end uses, I don't know if I can use them for my poweramp. Can you guys help me solve this problem? Any advise would be great :)
P.S: my English sucks, i'm sorry :D


2006-12-28 12:19 am
actually, the "hi-fi" amps will be perfect for a guitar amp. you may need to add a gain stage at the input, but those hi-fi amps are a good starting place for your project.

btw, your english is OK..... i've heard (and read) worse....... from people that grew up in the USA........