Need Help with this Speaker

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Hi Everyone

I have a 2X 15' woofers that are called TJ Profesional Electronics
and I'd like to know if these would make good Pa Speakers

their Specs
Nominal Diameter: 15in/390mm
Rated Impedance: 8ohms
Power Capacity: 600w RMS
Sensitivity: 99db,2.83v/m
Frequency Range: 50-3500Hz
Voice Coil Diameter: 99.2mm/5 in
Re: 4.9
Qms: 9.49
Qes: 0.41
Qts 0.34
Vas: 101.4L
Cms 0.09
Rms: 3.43
NO: 3.04%
BL: 19.5
X-max: 3mm

Please also advise me what would be the best cabinet to use
with these for PA Use.
Cabinet Dimensions / volume would be greatly Apreciated

I'd like to use these in a 2way Setup.

Thanks in Advance.
Hi djmarvellous,

these chassis are good for PA though - high SPL and tight suspension but no deep going bass if installed in a closed or bass reflex (BR) box.

By using WinISD (free downloadable), as a starting point, the volume for a BR speaker would be ~58dm3 (or liter). The BR duct would be i.e. 40cm x 5cm (the area is important, not the "ratio" - however you should avoid extremely flat ducts) with a length of 12cm.
Unfortunately the lower cut-off frequency would be ~60Hz - which is not very deep down. :xeye:

Therefore my recommendation would be to build a horn. The TSP driver parameters are suitable for such a design - high fs, large BL product, and a reasonable low Qts. In a horn the speaker itself doesn't dictate the lower cut-off frequency. It's the mouth area that will give the low cut-off besides the placement of the horn (free air, on the floor, at the wall or at the corner).
If you can wait till tomorrow I might run a few simulations in AJHorn (the horn simulation tool - if you've a few bucks to share, I highly recommend this professional tool ;) )

The horn (design) I had in mind would be something like the one shown below.


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Well, as you wish :worship: - but don't expect a deep thrilling bass from this chassis in these kind of enclosures (in case you go for closed or BR designs)!

Have you tried WinISD yourself yet?

If you like and don't hesitate with building larger cabinets how about the idea of a backloaded horn + tweeter in the same cabinet. This way you have still your 2-way system plus all the benefits of a bass horn. To get an idea of what I've in mind, look at and proceed via "Horn Plans" to either one of the "... Super Scooper". Just imagine to put on top of the units your tweeter with an extended baffle at the top. This way you get the speakers up to an adequate listening position for (i.e.) your living room, if that's what you had in mind anyway?!
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Your drivers are more like midbass drivers, with their 99db SPL and highish Fs

With 52 liter you get F3 around 65hz...12db down at 45hz, port ø14x15cm, Q 7.0

Maybe a MLTL style 100liter floorstander with a simple slot opening at the bottom will get you down to around 50hz
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