Need help with the details of my system


2010-10-24 6:30 pm
My cousin was a big audiophile, and had a sick system in his Suburban. He got rid of the truck and gave me all the speakers, amps, etc etc. I have a small 2002 Nissan Frontier king cab, and put 2 of the speakers into the stock positions on the doors and 2 tweeters into the stock positions. Iam wondering if I need to put silicon around the speakers in the doors? I've heard it helps with sound quality, but I am not sure.


2007-11-08 2:14 am
You should deaden and seal door speakers, how far you go is up to you but at least seal around the speaker and you really should put deadening around it even if it is only a $5 roll of peel and stick from the hardware store. If you want more you can deaden the whole door, close off all the holes, put foam behind it, deaden the outer door metal also. That can enhance midbass and quiet the inside of the car from outside noises.