need help with TDA 1554 amp

Hello everyone.
I want to build a stereo amp and I have seen the datasheet of TDA1554. So I want to ask about the quality of the amp. Is the amplifier powerful enough for a room?

And also, I am trying to make a power supply to drive it at approx 12v. So which transformer should I use?
I think this chip will be satisfactory. Because I already have TDA2004 amp and its enough for me. Comparing to it, the TDA1554 is powerful, right?
and also this amp is just for a project purpose, it is not meant to be used in a very sophisticated system, so this chip will work for me.

and about transformer, if I use a 12-0 transformer, then I should get, approx 15-16v, right?

also should I use a 5A transformer? and will IN4007 diodes work in bridge rectifier? or I should use more current capacity diodes?