'Need help with STK4142 amp circuit"

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Hi All,

I am sagar from Bangalore.

i am making STK 4142 amplifier,

i have given all connections but i don't know where to give BASS and TREBLE board connections on BT Board and Volume control,i hope some one can help me in this regard,please go through the below link for the details,please do let me know if you require more details.


you can user dual volume and connect then to the back side of BT pcb where it's marked BASS and TRE..


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HI Rakesh,
i never user TDA series,but i can explain this.This STK 4142 II is noise less,very claritive,with perfect Bass and treble quality.i checked giving only 30 % out put volume to woofer ,it was very very good,i like this amp a lot now. I have connected to PC.Please let me know if you need more details on this.I have use original STK (there are other duplicate STK's available in market which will work but voice will not be good at all.)
Hi Rakesh
I've been using STK series amps for 10 + years. There were very popular in 90's. I still love them for advantages such as crisp and clear sound, low floor noise etc.. I had compared STK 4141 II with LM 3886, TDA 7492, TDA 2020 using same source and drivers, only changing input resistance. Wanted to do with TDA2050 but dropped idea after not liking TDA2020 (same manufacturer). For some reason STK sounded natural, especially the mids and highs. Bass is extremely good if not pushed to the limit.
STK does have its drawbacks when compared to the above chips like size (STK is Hybrid not a monolithic and hence big in size), price (STKs are quite expansive), protection against shorts, overheating, high voltages etc that the other chips offer. Also STK is 20 year old design whereas some of these other chips are quite new. And in recent years we have seen many STKs sold in market are fakes.
Having said all that I still prefer to use STK chips for the shear listening pleasure they offer over the complete range of frequencies.
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