need help with sansui AU 220


2006-05-18 10:54 am
Is there anyone out there who can help in sourcing out a replacement IC STK016 for this amp. I am from Singapore...and its really difficult to find a replacement for this. Are there any recommended substitute nos. for this IC.
Its a really old amp...quite insignificant by audiophile standards, but I had some really good times with it. I would really appreciate if anyone can help.

Thanks & kind regards



2009-01-08 10:58 am
Hi, I hope you still have your sansui through it is been a long time since you post this thread. Actually I’ve ever have that amplifier around 10 years ago. But since the left channel is dying because of that “hard to find” IC STK016 broken, I sell it to my friend. He modifies the sansui with other DIY kit but only in power amplifier section. You can try this method too. I think gainclone will do the job well for sansui. Of course the characteristic of the sound will be change.
If above solution is not make you happy, I have good news for you. At the time when my friend changes the power amplifier section, I took the IC STK016 along with the PCB unit. I’m not sure the IC in my hand is the working one since I miss for the other one. If you really want it I can sell to you. Of course if it is working to your sansui.:clown: