need help with multiple amps


2010-10-31 9:09 pm
hello to everyone, i am a newbe and definitely a wanna be compared to some of you, i have been buying my dream stereo here and their as i could afford it, so far i have a 12" cerwin vega sub and a jbl 10" sub, 4 sets of jbl 6.5 component sets, and 2 sets of boston acoustics 6.5 component sets. i have a pair of 10" sundowns that i was going to use for mids. i have 3 cerwin vega amps (one mono) 2 jbl amps (one mono) and a kicker crossover. my question is is their a rule on how many amps (either way amps or amps) you can load on a 0 gadge line, i have looked every where for this info and can not find it. thanks and any sugestion is welcome.