Need Help with fixing KRK ROKIT 5 G3

Hi all,

My reference monitor KRK ROKIT 5 G3 died just after the expiration of the warranty and there is no service center in my country. Some suggested that it might be a real costly repair and it's better to buy a new pair of some other brand. It was already a huge investment for my future avocation and I am unable to buy another pair in near future or may be never. I tried to google for the schematic or manual but none really helped. Initially I was able to fix it by googling but the problem was back after some days and now it is unusable.

My questions are the following:

1. Is the power amplifier based on TDA7296? ( I cannot identify the chip by physical inspection due to my poor eyesight)

2. Could anyone please guide me on how to (a) by-pass the limiter circuit and (b) that mute mechanism?

3. Is there a good ready to build 2 way Linkwitz-Riley crossover circuit with PCB layout on our forum ? ( I wish to use that incase I cannot fix the original board of Rokit)

3. Is it possible to obtain a service manual ?

4. If anyone has some earlier servicing experience of these monitor, kindly guide me.

Any help is precious for me.
Kindest regards.


2009-12-08 6:12 am
My Rokit 8 V2 just died for no explicable reason. I cleaned off the black goo, replaced some resistors that were just 'hanging' on, and the big PS caps. It's a little better (the cone isn't jumping out on start-up), but still not working.

I hope someone can come along with some real advice!