Need Help with Chinese DAC USB Board

Hello to all,

I have bought a Chinese DAC Board with USB input.

On delivery there was no manual or papers with the DAC, nothing, very bad.

I did not found anything about this DAC, only Pictures for selling this DAC.

The DAC is working fine, but I thought the USB Player is "plug and play".

My Computer can detect "HIFI DSD" but dont have driver.

The Chipset of the USB is a XMOS XU 208, this I found out.

But, I think to find a driver for this DAC is difficult.

Here are the pictures of the DAC with USB, for better understanding.

I hope, somebody also bought this DAC.



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  • XMOS 20191208_092823 copy.jpg
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Thanks for the replay.

lky210, what player do you have in mind from GoldenWave, they have quite much players?

Of course, I have contacted the seller, but no replay.

I think, this board is professional made, there should be a player on the market with this PCB board.
But I cannot find a player with this board.
Weiliang have a similar board in the player.

Anyway, thanks a lot.