Need help to identify this component


2012-04-03 7:43 pm
Hi guys,

I am in the process of recapping the capacitors on my vintage preamp that is over 20 years old. I come across a component in light blue color (see the pictures) and I am not sure it is a capacitor or not. If it is, can someone tell me what kind of capacitor it is and the value of capacitance of it so that I can get a replacement part.

On the component, it mark 1000, 160, +- 2.5% and M6.

Thank in advance


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2003-02-11 9:02 am
Only electrolytic (blue one) that might need replacing. But 20 years is not very old and they must be usable especially if the voltage rating is not anywhere near applied voltage (I guess by looking at the opamp that the caps operate below 18V so the caps might be rated 25V or 16V).

The round blue one is a tantalum, may be on the CCS. The good thing about it is the small size, and many power supply literature suggest this kind of cap, but I prefer to stay away from them.

The brown one is probably 100nF (marked 104) used for power supply decoupling. They will work forever, but I prefer different kind of cap for this purpose (for best sound).

What is the opamp? If it is 20 years old, the specs of the opamp must be very bad. Can be 741. Good vintage ones may use 301/201/101. But you seem to have new Wima (MKS?) there. Cannot be too old (or may be you have replaced the original one).