Need help to choose a Pass amp

Hello Passlab diyer's .
I'm new to diy ,but have friends that can help .
I'm tri-amping an new speaker and I'm using 300B SET's for the
Tweeter & mids .I need something for the bass driver which is a
PHL 12" 4530 ,94db ,[email protected] 250hz .Xover point is 350hz.
Is the A40 to old a design and how would the F4 go I think my pre has a gain of 20 .I sit about 3 to 4 metres away from the speakers .
Any help much appreciated ,

With a fairly efficient woofer you're not going to need all that much power. The A-40 can be built, but the output devices were rare even when the design was new--impossible to find now. I believe Nelson posted some suggestions as to what devices might make good substitutes, but I have no idea how to tell you where to find that post.
More buildable designs would include the A-75 and the smaller Alephs. Note that the output stage of the A-75 can be scaled up or down if you want more or less power. However, my experience (I'm quad-amped and my main midrange amp is tubed) is that the Alephs are pretty decent matches for tubes, as they have a somewhat warmer sound. Your candidates there would be either of the Volksamp versions--a 30W and a 60W--or the 'normal' Aleph 3 at 30W. There was a 60W Aleph, but I can't remember the model number at the moment. It was either the 4 or the 5.


Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Depending on what kind of hurry you're in, I do have a new
DIY amp coming up that would take the place of an A40. It's
going to be a very simple design.

The PHL 4530 is particularly easy to drive, so almost anything
will do the job.

What are you going to use for the mid and top drivers?
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