need help to build my own smps based on blaupunkt schematics gta400 please

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Hello everybody :)

I need your help to build my first own smps supply for car audio :)

there is a lot schematics on the forum but i don't want to copy them! why ? because i want to teach myself "i'm a beginner" for that i need your help.

My project is to build the same smps of a supply from an old blaupunkt gta400 amplifier.

the big problem is that i haven't the schematics but i have the supply :)

i can build the circuit it's not a problem but i don't know how to build the pcb :confused:

this is the supply i want to do "the good things are i have all name and references of each components "

I hope you can help me :) i thank you in advance

The pictures

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.
euh i'm sorry but i thing it's too difficult for me :eek::rolleyes:

If i post the schematics diagram of the power supply, is it possible that someone creat me a pcb or creat a file under protel99 or altium "a friend work with it but have no time to help me :(" but i can print the pcb :)

I hope you can help me please ?

Thanks :)
You're asking quite a bit of someone. You want it built on a specific IC using specific software. Laying the board out will take many hours. If I'm not mistaken, you also stated that you wanted one that was guaranteed to work. This would mean that anyone laying out the board would have to produce the board and test it.

If you want to learn, you don't need to build a supply. There's plenty of material to teach you what you need to know to understand how they work. Reading will teach you more than building one. You could build a kit and learn absolutely nothing (except how to solder).

Why do you want it based on the 494?
Hello Perry :)

In fact I can not find any documentations "for free" in French about electrical supplies.

as you can see me english is bad :eek: It's a big problem for me.

I asked that it creates me the pcb because I thought it was extremely easy for you...

I retry to do a schematics and it's verry long i think i will finish it this weekend :)

i have a question about the supply and condensators. tell me if i'm right please?

I do the same supply as you can see on the photo.

but i think to modify it and put more condensators because if there is a lot of power available for the supply,it will be more stable and efficient.

Thank you for your advices :)
If you're duplicating the supply above and are going to use it with an amplifier that produces the same power output as the amp that was previously connected to it, adding capacitance isn't likely to make a difference.

It seems that you can understand English well enough to understand the basics. Have you read through the following page? There are quite a few images which should help you understand.
Basic Switching Power Supply Design Tutorial
Ouah !!! thanks a lot perry

i've already seen your website but not this page, it's great ! :)

I'll try to read it because there is a lot of technicals informations and that part will be more difficult to understand...

I just a question about scope "i have already ask you that but now i have money to buy it"

so do you think this scope is a good scope ? for build smps ?

SELECTRONIC ::: L'univers électronique :::

or this will be better ?

SELECTRONIC ::: L'univers électronique :::

I need you help to choose a good scope for a good price "i want a new product not already use"

Thanks perry :)

To train me i do the schematic of the supply on the software and modify it to put more condensators at primary and secondary of the smps.

At primary i choose eight condensators

PANASONIC FC Low ESR 105°C 1200µF 50V

Ripple current (100kHz) 2610mA
Impédance (100kHz) 0.029ohm

for the sondary i choose four capacitors Elna Tonerex Snap-in "LAO" 10.000µF 35V S3

the supply will have this voltage at output 2x27v for 14.4 at input .

Now it's verry difficult for me to do the pcb with schematics.
I don't use protel because i'm obliged to ask a friend "he work with it and have no time to help me..." but i use a french software :)

it's the second weekend i try to to the pcb it's verry long :eek:

I will put photo of the pcb if i finish it...
It's going to take many more hours, most likely. I probably have more than 100 hours in the last board I laid out if you include all of the revisions to get to the final board. Yours won't take that much time but you can't expect to have it done in a day or even a week. It takes time. Everyone who has built boards has been through the same thing.

Why not simply copy the layout of the other board?
Hello Perry :)

Yes i would like to copy the layout of the other board....but it's difficult to place components at good place with routing etc....:(

I spent yesterday and today to try and build this pcb "because i'm sure it will work" and i get discouraged.....

i don't know what to do....
Someone will have to produce the layout, it's not going to be readily available.

Some people are driven to do this sort of thing and will take whatever time it takes to learn to do it. Others see it as a chore and therefore don't enjoy doing it. If you're the latter, you'll have to wait until someone produces a board. I intended to produce boards for sale but there wasn't enough interest due to the cost of the boards ($25 each, my cost). I never even bothered to have the latest version printed.
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